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Pinfo Software Corporation is one of them growing software company. In fact, they’re one of the fastest growing companies in the software industry. They work with companies that need certain processes to meet regulation requirements. Many of their posts focus on creating a quality workplace that builds a culture of compliance. They also discuss the cloud and other technology trends that can help the target reader. When you help your reader with their jobs and tasks you’ll always find traction with your blog..

I thought they only did programming for a few things, but it turns out they’re big in the software world…really big. They’ve done all kinds of websites and apps for a variety of companies of all shapes and sizes. On their blog, they do a variety of different posts and they really focus on different types of media including podcasts and webinars. The content focuses on ways to improve a business or organization with new technology such as responsive design user experience. Lots of good stuff if you’re in the online world.


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